2018 Landscaping & Garden Trends for KC Lawn Care

With the melting of snow and the first green starting to appear, you may be considering what you wish to do with your landscape this spring. Boost your curb appeal and even the value of your home with some of these up-to-date  2018 tips and trends for your KC lawn care.

What is trending for the outdoor aesthetic often reflects that of the interior, and this year it holds true. Trends this year are all promoting and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

1. Garden Retreats

With its recent increased popularity, mindfulness practices and meditation are activities that people are looking to facilitate more and more. This trend is becoming a great addition to any setting. From including meditative spaces in the home to offering them in the workplace, a garden retreat could be the perfect addition to your landscaping space anywhere. These often included seating areas and landscaping features that provide privacy, allowing for peace and quiet during meditation or even yoga practice.

2. Backyard Water Features

Incorporating water elements within your landscape that resemble those that are naturally occurring can provide many relaxing benefits as well as natural beauty. A trickling waterfall or fountain feature or a serene shallow reflection pool would be great additions to easily boost your landscape from drab to dazzling.

3. Garden Walls

A simple and trendy solution to a lack of space for your gardening desires is a garden wall. Instead of requiring horizontal space, these types of gardens mostly require the space to be vertical. Garden walls use pots and containers to facilitate the vertical growth of whatever you may choose to plant. These are especially popular this year with their often modern designs and allowance for urban gardens and landscape. They can be installed on virtually any vertical surface from a DIY pallet wall to a surface in your kitchen. This offers a great way to merge style and functionality into your landscaping and KC lawn care needs.

4. Pet Landscaping

As of 2018, nearly 70% of Americans own a pet, 60% of those owning dogs and 47% including cats. All things considered, it is no surprise that landscaping trends are going further to consider the comfort and needs of our furry friends. Landscaping-specific to the needs of your family pet could incorporate fenced spaces where dogs or cats can play or even pet-friendly plant species.

5. Succulent Gardens

One plant family that has been especially in style is the succulent-cacti family. These types of plants require minimal care and come in such a variety to be a perfect fit for any garden or landscape. While succulents are often misconstrued to be lacking in color, there are actually many strikingly colorful blooming species that can add an essential pop to your garden.

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