Reflections of the reasons we do what we do at By The Blade

We have great inspiration for getting up every morning.

Recently, I received a letter from one of our clients. As I read it, I started reflecting on what drove me to start my landscaping business, and why our work continues to be a daily inspiration.

It has always been my calling to raise the bar on service and quality in the green industry, even before I really understood it at such depth. I began mowing lawns as a kid because I wanted to make all the yards in the neighborhood look as good as mine. It didn’t take long for my clients to notice my attention to detail and start depending on me to do extra tasks. The more time I spent easing the workload for people, the more I recognized how vital spending time together is to maintaining strong family ties, and playing outdoors happens to be an ideal getaway.

Today, family values still strongly influence the way By The Blade operates, giving us all a three-fold mission. We thrive on designing and building environments that make people want to spend more time at home together, enjoying every season and creating the kind of memories that make life so good. At the same time, it’s important to make sure our clients are not hampered down by constant maintenance and repairs both inside and out, so every single member of family is free to participate in the fun. Last but not least, we love Mother Nature and are passionately devoted to being good stewards.

We support our mission by using all natural stone and materials that enhance the surrounding landscape and protect native flora and fauna. But what’s not immediately visible is what probably makes the biggest difference in our beautiful, long-lived, low-maintenance Outdoor Living environments.

We operate under the philosophy that it’s better to do it right at the start. We always take the time to calculate optimal positioning of pumps and hoses when we build water features, ensuring lower power usage and extending the life of equipment. And sure, we could use thinner liners in water features, or make the walls of your pool half as thick and either would still look nice enough and serve its purpose – although briefly, because shortcuts like these ultimately lead to far less longevity, more downtime and higher expense in energy bills, repairs and renovation. In fact, our rule of thumb is to choose the best materials and build every feature with the same care and effort we would use to enhance our own yards.

Our reasons for standing by our mission are rewarded with pride and satisfaction in a job well-done as well as the pleasure of watching families bond as they relax and play in their custom Outdoor Living environments. We’re also gratified by the knowledge that we are doing our part to take care of our great earth, and the real icing on the cake? Proof positive that standing firm in our resolve to do things the right way does make a difference, in the form of heartfelt letters like this one:

“Hey Patrick,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for being such a great company. You obviously take great pride in your work and care about the product you turn out. As you know, we have been working with lots of other companies trying to get the house the way we want it and it is incredibly refreshing to deal with a group of people who are always here when they say they will be, and are respectful of our home and our family. I know this is a huge project and never has a day gone by that I’ve questioned the decision that we made or been the slightest bit disappointed in you or your team. Thanks again, so much.

Have a great day.

There’s truly no place we’d rather be than here, serving as Ambassadors of Outdoor Living.