The curtain falls on another successful performance for the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, Kansas City’s premier seasonal display of home décor and outdoor furnishing.

A featured fundraiser for the Kansas City Symphony, the Showhouse selects a historic home in the Country Club district to renovate and present to the public. The event draws visitors from all over the city.

For the 3rd consecutive year, By The Blade was selected from among Kansas City’s top landscape designers to bring innovation and vitality to the natural surroundings of a well-deserving home. To invigorate this year’s showhouse south of the Country Club Plaza, By The Blade punctuated their work with a brilliant floral radiance to bring about a panorama of beauty. Transporting and installing Blue Atlas Cedars, Nell Hills planters in abundance, and 1,500 tulips, the Outdoor Ambassadors crafted a uniform, symmetrical display that they termed a “Symphony of Color.”

The Showhouse was a great hit, with visitors touring the grounds for several weeks.

Just recently, By The Blade received a letter from the Kansas City Symphony Alliance thanking them for their stunning work. The letter praised By The Blade for their artistic choices which perfectly complemented the architecture of the home, and stated that By The Blade’s front yard design area was “a huge draw and enjoyed by all visiting the Showhouse,” contributing greatly to this year’s success.

As a proud supporter of one of the nation’s best symphonies, By The Blade was privileged to contribute to this fundraising event and is pleased to congratulate the Symphony Alliance for their success in raising $122,000 to support the arts in Kansas City. By The Blade wishes to thank the Kansas City Symphony Alliance for the distinct honor of participating in this event. Appreciation also goes to the many devoted members of the community who continue to support By The Blade.